Corporate philosophy

Company goals

Owner-run family business

Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH is and will remain an independent and owner-managed family company for the production of high-quality printing inks for web offset printing.

Customer and service oriented

Schuite & Schuite sees itself as a customer and service-oriented company and strives to expand and sustainably strengthen the cooperation and relationships with its customers

Advantage in quality and cost leadership

Schuite & Schuite printing inks are already among the best products available on the web offset inks market. The lead in quality and cost leadership is to be further expanded through continuous further development of the color recipes and process engineering.

Logistics fleet

Constant optimization of the corporate culture

With the help of a corporate mission statement, Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH works consistently on a constant optimization of its corporate culture.

Resource conservation and sustainability

By implementing and certifying an environmental management system, Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH makes an important contribution to resource conservation and sustainability

Mission statement

  1. We maintain an open and respectful relationship with one another.
  2. We work together in an interdisciplinary and trusting manner
  3. We value personal and direct communication
  4. We communicate across departments and hierarchies
  5. We trust our colleagues and employees and value their work
  6. We transfer responsibility to our employees and create a pleasant working atmosphere
  7. We act independently and responsibly
  8. We keep promises we made. We make decisions and represent them. Errors or wrong decisions are corrected and sustainable solutions are implemented
  9. We identify with the company and behave loyally to it
  10. We respect critical views and deal with them
  11. We create the best possible conditions so that employees can combine work and family in a meaningful way

Core competencies for employees and managers

Professional competence

  1. Excellent ability to identify, evaluate and solve technical problems and questions
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of the department-relevant processes and procedures
  3. Logical and analytical thinking skills

Management skills (for executives):

  1. Organizational skills
  2. Communication and fairness
  3. Ability to listen
  4. Acting responsibly
  5. Decisiveness
  6. Entrepreneurial thinking

Social skills

  1. Communication skills
  2. Confident and convincing appearance
  3. empathy
  4. Ability to work in a team

Personal competence

  1. Credibility / honesty
  2. Sovereign openness
  3. motivation
  4. Initiative
  5. Determination
  6. loyalty
  7. Resilience

Our environmental certificate